Time is of the Essence

If you find yourself the victim of electronic theft, you should not drag your feet in taking action. Why? Because vital evidence you may need in the future vanishes as time progresses. Many different kinds of information are recorded in log files when activities occur using your devices, accounts, and...Continue reading

Phone hacked?

One of the most common questions I am asked by clients is “How can I determine if my phone has been hacked?” When a person reaches this point, typically it is the result of odd behavior of the device in question and/or unexplained information leakage. It’s unsettling and concerning when...Continue reading

Dusting off the cobwebs

Dusting off the Cobwebs

It has been some time since I’ve used this space for sharing information publicly. Today, that changes. It’s spurred by a transition from being anchored to one physical location to being something of a digital nomad. This is a good thing and a welcome change. Expect to see more content,...Continue reading


One of the “hobbies” I’ve had for some time is the monitoring of near earth asteroids. Yes, I submit it’s a weird activity. What is a near earth asteroid you ask? It’s an object that comes within 0.2 asternomical units of the planet earth. It can be expressed as the...Continue reading

4thestate for sale and the US is in trouble as a result

America Hates the Media?

There have been lots of aspersions cast at the media over the past few decades with dyed in the wool members of both sides of the aisle claiming “bias” in coverage and an increasing furor that “mainstream media” or fourth estate, is failing in its duty to bring the public...Continue reading

image of ar-15 weapon disassembled and knolled.

License, Register, and Insure

With the latest mass shooting plunging the nation into the same tired cycle of NRA-led talking points spewing from paid politician’s mouths to the same knee jerk anti-gun sentiment thinking that these things will be prevented with hollow legislation, it’s time to change the discussion to something meaningful and productive....Continue reading

Think you're bias free? Not so fast, this codex represents the myriad cognitive biases we humans fall into routinely

What’s your Bias?

“Wait a minute” you say, “I’m not biased, I’m as objective as the day is long.” Sure, if you believe that you are displaying a mixture of the “better-than-average” and “transparency” biases, a couple, of the of dozens of possible cognitive biases. If you’re human, you are afflicted by these...Continue reading

Two Boston Dynamics robots cooperate to open a door in an autonomous manner

Terrifying or Amazing?

Boston Dynamics is clearly pushing the boundaries of technology. In a video they recently released on YouTube (embeded below) you can see autonomous robots cooperating to meet a goal: accessing another room through a closed door. The implications of this advance are startling. These things are rapidly becoming more capable...Continue reading

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