One of the “hobbies” I’ve had for some time is the monitoring of near earth asteroids. Yes, I submit it’s a weird activity. What is a near earth asteroid you ask? It’s an object that comes within 0.2 asternomical units of the planet earth. It can be expressed as...

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4thestate for sale and the US is in trouble as a result

American Hates the Media?

There have been lots of aspersions cast at the media over the past few decades with dyed in the wool members of both sides of the aisle claiming “bias” in coverage and an increasing furor that “mainstream media” or fourth estate, is failing in its duty to bring the...

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Think you're bias free? Not so fast, this codex represents the myriad cognitive biases we humans fall into routinely

What’s your Bias?

“Wait a minute” you say, “I’m not biased, I’m as objective as the day is long.” Sure, if you believe that you are displaying a mixture of the “better-than-average” and “transparency” biases, a couple the of dozens of possible cognitive biases. If you’re human, you are afflicted by these...

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Two Boston Dynamics robots cooperate to open a door in an autonomous manner

Terrifying or Amazing?

Boston Dynamics is clearly pushing the boundaries of technology. In a video they recently released on YouTube (embeded below) you can see autonomous robots cooperating to meet a goal: accessing another room through a closed door. The implications of this advance are startling. These things are rapidly becoming more...

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The Language of Depression

Yesterday Mohammed Al-Mosaiwi published a summary of a scholarly study he undertook analyzing content and style of writings to determine if there could be some correlation between language and depression. The study (here’s a link to the scholarly work) showed that looking at frequency of usage of first-person pro-nouns,...

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D3 Miner

D3 Miner Added

This is turning into more of a crypto-currency blog than intended, but to be fair, this is the area I’m running active experiments right now so that’s a good reason to have so many posts in the crypto currency world. Each crypto-currency has an associated hashing algorithm. Bitcoin and...

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