Two Boston Dynamics robots cooperate to open a door in an autonomous manner

Terrifying or Amazing?

Boston Dynamics is clearly pushing the boundaries of technology. In a video they recently released on YouTube (embeded below) you can see autonomous robots cooperating to meet a goal: accessing another room through a closed door.

The implications of this advance are startling. These things are rapidly becoming more capable and, not wanting to be some breathless hype person saying “think about what happens?” but, what happens as these things escape from the lab an into our every day existence?

For one of my relatives who is wheel-chair bound and unable to do many things – such an assistant would be incredibly valuable. Amazing in capability.

It seems that perhaps our ethics standards need to catch up a bit to determine what the prime directives might be for such capable machines. I worry we’ll forget about that part and suffer some negative consequences.

Watch the video below, terrifying or amazing? A little of both? What do you think?

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