Think you're bias free? Not so fast, this codex represents the myriad cognitive biases we humans fall into routinely

What’s your Bias?

“Wait a minute” you say, “I’m not biased, I’m as objective as the day is long.”

Sure, if you believe that you are displaying a mixture of the “better-than-average” and “transparency” biases, a couple, of the of dozens of possible cognitive biases. If you’re human, you are afflicted by these from time to time. We all are. If you’re a machine and you’re “reading” this, you are also afflicted, but second-hand by the starting assumptions of your human creators.

There’s no escape.

If you’re under stress, overloaded, or simply tired, these biases become more the rule than the exception. The major groupings of biases are:

  • What Should We Remember
  • Too Much Information
  • Need to Act Fast
  • Not Enough Meaning

It’s well worth the time to educate yourself so at least you’ll have a chance to recognize when your bias might be showing….

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