Time is of the Essence

If you find yourself the victim of electronic theft, you should not drag your feet in taking action. Why? Because vital evidence you may need in the future vanishes as time progresses. Many different kinds of information are recorded in log files when activities occur using your devices, accounts, and assets and these logs are often ephemeral in nature.

For example, I was asked to evaluate a set of mobile devices for a client to determine if text messages were passed between multiple devices of multiple users in a certain time period. Because the request came over a year after the incident in question, the mobile phone provider had erased the logs in question that would definitively answer that question. Billing records remained available, but content was gone. This was complicated by the users of the mobile devices all claiming that their device in question were lost, stolen, or destroyed in that time period.

It can be even worse though, many logs will have a shelf life of only 30 days or less. So understanding if a particular account was used to access a resource could be impossible to discover if you wait too long. So, take this to heart, early action can help preserve vital evidence to help you with your situation.

If you need assistance in understanding how logs can help you, please feel free to reach out.

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