bitcoin value as of 11/27/2017

Bitcoin $10,000?

Much about the “bitcoin bubble” has been written and I can’t help but agree. Nevertheless, the value of BTC to the USD seems to continue to charge ahead with the value as of the time of this post being over $9,700/BTC. Could be interesting to see what the value is...Continue reading

diagram of kv-direct

Commoditization of Networking

Since the early aughts, (2000’s for you whippersnappers) I’ve believed that the same dynamics that played out in compute and storage must eventually happen in networking too. Moore’s Law, causing general purpose computers to become ever smaller and more powerful plus the open source software community made vertically integrated companies...Continue reading

photo of parchment

New Web Home

After many years of blogging at Musings from the Coast, I took a hiatus and moved my publishing first to portfolio company Re.Vu and then to Twitter. Now seems a good time to stake out some new territory in the digital world and periodically add another voice to the choir...Continue reading

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