Dusting off the cobwebs

Dusting off the Cobwebs

It has been some time since I’ve used this space for sharing information publicly. Today, that changes. It’s spurred by a transition from being anchored to one physical location to being something of a digital nomad. This is a good thing and a welcome change. Expect to see more content,...Continue reading


One of the “hobbies” I’ve had for some time is the monitoring of near earth asteroids. Yes, I submit it’s a weird activity. What is a near earth asteroid you ask? It’s an object that comes within 0.2 asternomical units of the planet earth. It can be expressed as the...Continue reading

Think you're bias free? Not so fast, this codex represents the myriad cognitive biases we humans fall into routinely

What’s your Bias?

“Wait a minute” you say, “I’m not biased, I’m as objective as the day is long.” Sure, if you believe that you are displaying a mixture of the “better-than-average” and “transparency” biases, a couple, of the of dozens of possible cognitive biases. If you’re human, you are afflicted by these...Continue reading

The Language of Depression

Yesterday Mohammed Al-Mosaiwi published a summary of a scholarly study he undertook analyzing content and style of writings to determine if there could be some correlation between language and depression. The study (here’s a link to the scholarly work) showed that looking at frequency of usage of first-person pro-nouns, (I,...Continue reading

photo of parchment

New Web Home

After many years of blogging at Musings from the Coast, I took a hiatus and moved my publishing first to portfolio company Re.Vu and then to Twitter. Now seems a good time to stake out some new territory in the digital world and periodically add another voice to the choir...Continue reading

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