The Language of Depression

Yesterday Mohammed Al-Mosaiwi published a summary of a scholarly study he undertook analyzing content and style of writings to determine if there could be some correlation between language and depression.

The study (here’s a link to the scholarly work) showed that looking at frequency of usage of first-person pro-nouns, (I, me, etc.) had a strong correlation to depression on the content side. On the style side, the use of “absolutist” words (always, completely, etc) also gave signs that a person consistently using them may be depressed.

As we see so many in the public eye struggle and often lose the battle with depression, it can make us feel even more isolated. Learning more about the condition and warning signs is very useful in the quest to understand more about ourselves and recognize warning signs in others.

Over the decades, I’ve certainly struggled with depression and I see it throughout my family, ancestors and descendants, it’s real and it can kill. If you are feeling depression, seek out another human minimally and get yourself some help.

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